Listening, Learning, and Leading

Thank you for spending time learning more about my campaign for the Iowa House of Representatives. It has been an honor to serve you the past number of years. Over the years, I have grown increasingly concerned about the welfare of our communities, the families and individuals who live in them, and the social and economic break down that is pressing on our lives. As I think about what kind of world I want to leave for my children and grandchildren, it motivates me to do my part in making a change in the moral and economic fibers of our state. As a native Southern Iowan with many generations rooted in small family business and farming in Clarke and Decatur counties, I desire to be a voice for the needs of the majority, not just a few. Therefore, my campaign makes the following pledge to you.

I am listening to you. Since announcing my first campaign I have been speaking with constituents from Clarke, Decatur, Lucas and Wayne counties. It has been amazing to hear how people in all four counties are concerned about similar issues, many of which are close to my heart as well. The issues consist of both moral and economic changes. The issues listed here are some of the concerns that have been expressed by citizens throughout all three counties.

I am learning from you through face to face conversations. True relationship can only be built by direct contact with the opportunity to work through questions and differences face to face. I practice this belief on a daily basis in my therapy room and see the healing power of truth consistently build trust. Just as solutions for growth and change don't rest only with the therapist, neither do they rest only with the elected official. Solutions rest among those who see the need for adjustments and have the desire to lead through transitions and opportunities for change. Therefore the leader becomes the conduit on which expertise and solutions from you, the citizen, can be deposited for future reference. I desire to hear from you about your creative ideas for positive change and growth from all aspects of our communities.

I am leading for you in multiple ways. My leadership through church, family, professional, and civic opportunities is defined by trust. Trust that I will keep my word over time and follow moral convictions that outlast pressure and expectations of conformity for the sake of conformity. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I learned long ago from important leaders in my family that one of the only things no one can strip from you is your integrity. Therefore, integrity in leadership is a value that I hold in high esteem and believe to be at the core of an outstanding trustable leader. I will strive each and every day to uphold that commitment to leadership. I believe in the concept of servant leadership and as a public servant it is my job to be the voice of those I serve - you the citizen. It is my commitment to lead in a manner that you will feel served and honestly communicated to. I lead with accountability, humility, and transparency.