Leading with Integrity

I am leading for you in multiple ways. My leadership through church, family, professional, and civic opportunities is defined by trust. Trust that I will keep my word over time and follow moral convictions that outlast pressure and expectations of conformity for the sake of conformity. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I learned long ago from important leaders in my family that one of the only things no one can strip from you is your integrity. Therefore, integrity in leadership is a value that I hold in high esteem and believe to be at the core of an outstanding trustable leader. I will strive each and every day to uphold that commitment to leadership. I believe in the concept of servant leadership and as a public servant it is my job to be the voice of those I serve - you the citizen. It is my commitment to lead in a manner that you will feel served and honestly communicated to. I lead with accountability, humility, and transparency.